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Uprights - Teardrop

Uprights - Teardrop

Teardrop Uprights are engineered for strength and versatility, ideal for a range of storage solutions. Each frame consists of two open-back steel posts connected by a combination of heavy, bolted-on horizontal and diagonal braces, varying in number according to the height of the upright. This robust construction ensures maximum stability and support.

Key Features:

Teardrop Style Slots: Industry-standard slots spaced every 2 inches allow for flexible beam adjustments, accommodating various storage needs.

Heavy-Duty Bracing: The frames incorporate heavy diagonal and horizontal braces throughout, ensuring a sturdy structure. The number of braces increases with frame height for enhanced stability.

Secure Footplates: Bolted footplates provide a stable base, securely anchored to the floor with anchor bolts. For seismic applications, footplates are welded to the upright post in compliance with building codes (excluding 8' tall uprights).


Beam Capacities: Up to 20,000 lbs with lengths ranging from 44 to 168 inches, ensuring robust support for heavy loads.

Frame Heights: Available from 6 to 46 feet unspliced, catering to various storage requirements.

Frame Depths: Offered in depths from 24 to 72 inches, providing ample space for diverse storage needs.

Custom Options: Special capacities, sizes, and seismic-rated modifications are available upon request, ensuring tailor-made solutions for unique applications.

Enhanced Durability: Double post and reinforced frames are available for specialized uses, adding an extra layer of durability.

Load Distribution: Beam capacities are specified for uniformly distributed loads. Beams over 116 inches or 90 inches (supporting loose deck) should be tied across the middle to prevent beam spread, maintaining structural integrity.

Ensure your storage system meets the highest standards of safety and performance with our Tear Drop Uprights. For specific beam spacing on frames greater than 96 inches or any other customization needs, please contact us for expert assistance.


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