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Uprights - Tears Drop

Uprights - Tears Drop

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Frames are comprised of two open-back steel posts with a number of horizontal and diagonal braces depending on the height of the upright. These posts have industry-standard teardrop style slots spaced every 2" to accommodate a wide range of beam adjustments. Heavy, bolted-on diagonal and horizontal braces are used throughout the entire frame. The number of which depend on frame height. Footplates are bolted onto the base of the post which are in turn attached to the floor with anchor bolts. This provides a sturdy platform for the uprights to rest. In a seismic application, these footplates are welded to the upright post in accordance with building codes (this excludes 8' tall uprights)

  • Beam capacities up to 20,000 lbs with lengths from 44" to 168"
  • Upright frame heights from 6 to 46 ft, unspliced.
  • Upright frame depths from 24 to 72 inches.
  • Special capacities and sizes as well as modifications for seismic rated pallet rack are available on request.
  • Double post and reinforced frames are available for special applications.
  • All capacities shown are in Lbs.
  • Beam capacities are for uniformly distributed loads.
  • Beams over 116" length should be tied across the middle to prevent beam spread.
  • Beams over 90" length that support loose deck, should be tied across the middle to prevent beam spread.
  • Please call Factory for any Beam spacing on a Frame greater than 96".
  • Values shown reflect the capacity of the Beams based on the lesser of its strength in bending or L/180 deflection criteria.
  • Greyed out capacities in the top right hand corner of the chart, exceed the safe capacity of the connectors.


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